Saturday, May 13, 2006

My little princess

When I had my second child, I was so excited to have a little girl. I love my sons dearly and think they are the best, but the clothes for a girl are just great. Once my daughter was born, I immediately think, mini-me. I know we are not suppossed to think like that but with dirty blonde hair and green eyes, she looks like a twin of my baby pictures at the same age. So I deck her out in pink adidas, and give her cute matching out fits containing shorts, jeans and skirts. I even find little shoes that resemble mine. I just assumed she would forgo the barbies, holly hobbie, and cinderella, for the soccer ball, base ball and basket ball. Well not her, she can run and throw with the boys, but wants to be in a princess dress while doing it. She even picks out the bathing suit with the frills. Today she put on a new dress that my mother got her( yes my mom is behind this 100%, because Mackenzie is her only princess out of 6 grand children), looked at me and said aren't I beautiful, I love my beautiful new purple dress and hat. She is so excited about her new dress it is not even funny. She had to put it on for a short trip to the mall with her father this afternoon. She looks at him with her big green eyes and said.." Daddy am I a princess?" and of course Daddy said yes you are. I then said to my husband make sure to get me that fancy shirt that I want so I can wear my high heals with it. At that moment I thought to myself, yes she gets it from me.... and momma!

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