Friday, October 24, 2008

13 seasons

I am sitting here trying to gather up the strength to coach the last game of my HS Varsity coaching career. I think back to 13 years ago when I coached my first ever varsity game against Raritan. I can remember it like it was yesterday with Lauren Smolensky scoring the winning goal as we beat them 1-0. As I remember that game, history has a way of repeating itself as I will end my career at MHSS ar Raritan as well today, on that exact same football field that is well taken care of. When I think back, I am just flooded with emotions. I have had a blast coaching. it has never been about the money but purely the love of the sport and more importantly the relationships I have made along the way. I run into former players all of the time and still try and help them get jobs, retain jobs, talk with them etc. Some I am proud to call good friends. Most of them never played beyond HS. I know every parent believes that their child is going to be the next great thing and will get a scholarship to the college of their choice, but that is not the case. In reality HS Sports are just HS sports. It is a time for kids to have fun, represent their school, make friends and have lasting memories. Sure a couple state chapmionships are fun too! I do not even know where are state tournament plaques are, I never even looked at them. I actually never even think about it... what I think about is the girls... What are they doing now? Are they happy? Are they on their way to accomplishing their goals etc? As I look back on the last 13 years. I remember the laughs, and the relationships made. I am proud to have been able to coach the girls for such a long time, and am sad to let them go. My kids need me at home now after school so this difficult decision had to be made. I will miss the laughs and the tears, and the hugs. I cant think of a better way to spend August. September, and October( and yes in some years even November). Thanks Girls

Monday, October 13, 2008

It has been about 5 months since my last post

I had one of my former students stop in today to see me to remind me to update my blog. Turns out he found it and has been reading, so Steve this ones for you. I was quite busy this summer with the kids and soccer, it was over in a flash and a new school year began. This will be the last year that i will be the Middletown South soccer coach. It is sad to even put it into print because so much of my identity at school has been wrapped up in soccer. So much of my life has been soccer, so to break off this huge piece is actually going to be quite difficult. I am still going to coach my kids and do some training but it will not be the same. Change is hard but necessary. I think we all would like to stay where we are because it is comfortable, it is what we know, I know my former student would like to rewind back, if only for a moment to that comfortable place we call HS. I had my 20 year reunion last weekend and boy was it fun. Seeing everyone after 20 years made me think back to how much fun I had in HS, when there was no responsibility and life was carefree. I think we all felt that way. So one may wonder, why am I dreading giving up the team.. I guess I have finally admitted to myslef that I just can't do it all. I can't do something and not do it well, so I have bitten off way more thank i can chew and coaching the HS team is getting in the way of my being a good parent. So I have to end it. My last home game is Thursday and I know the seniors and their parents will be crying as it will be the last time they wear the Blue and gray. AS for me, I still cant imagine being introduced at school as just a teacher. I was Coach K and now I am coach Haar for the next couple weeks. Soon there will be a new generation of students that only know me as the Psychology teacher. I guess I am losing part of my identity and it scares me. It scares me because it signifies that i am getting older, and I am.. I will be 39 in a few months. I feel as though i am invincible and can still conquer every task so why am I breaking off the piece of me, for my kids, I do not want to miss their sporting events or music lessons or whatever else they do. My schedule is at the will of the AD, someone I cant control, who can change my game time on a Saturday from 10:00 am to 2pm on a moments notice, not knowing or caring that I have 12 little boys that are counting on me to coach them at 2pm. So I guess I am ready for the new me. MOM, and teacher and I guess that is enough even for an egomanic like myself. I would rather do 2 things excellent that 3 very good. So that is it for now, I will try to update more frequently especially after our last home game on thursday

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another one is just about over!

Another one is another school year. I can't believe that we are just about done with this school year and how fast it all goes. I really had a good time teaching this year, and my classes were great. I am reminded how lucky I am that, I have a job that I really enjoy going to each day. The kids are doing fantastic. mackenzie's dance recital is coming up soon and she is very excited. We are also heading off to Florida on June 22. I cant wait to get away from it all. My mom's pool is open so the kids are either at her house or the beach each day and they are having a blast in the summer heat. All three are doing great and they are all very special, I love them so much and think they are the best kids on the planet. I am really looking forward to spending our summers together! Summer of 2008 is almost here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

AP exams are over

Well my seniors took the Advanced placement psychology exam and told me they thought it was easy! That is a great compliment because I never know what questions will be on the exam because it is a national test. If they pass the exam they will receive 3 college credits! Every year my students do really well and 95% or more pass, but I still worry. I am hoping for 100% this year! I will report back in July when the scores are released. The kids are doing great, but I am burned out from all of the soccer training. Mothers day was great last weekend, I got some much needed R and R. I cant wait to spend the spa gift card given to me by my husband. I cant wait for the weekend which is almost here!

Friday, May 09, 2008

My letter was in the paper and here it is!

Early intervention makes a difference
Thanks to all the wonderful therapists from Ladacin, the Visiting Nurses Association of Monmouth County and Shore Rehabilitation.
Two and a half years ago, I recognized there was something wrong with my son. He was almost 7 months old and still needed head support, did not reach for objects and did not eat more than 2 ounces at a time.
So I made that phone call, difficult for all parents, to the state's Early Intervention System. The evaluation showed he was severely delayed. I was told kids like Alex do not walk until they are 2, always will be more clumsy than their peers and would not be able to play contact sports.
Alex received speech, physical, occupational and developmental therapy at home five days a week from lovely ladies who pushed him beyond his limits.
My husband left his job as a full-time special education teacher to be a stay-at-home dad for Alex and my other two children and worked on all the exercises.
Together, all of these special people "cured" my son.
That's what early intervention is all about — therapists and families working together to produce the best possible outcome for the affected child.
Alex is running, jumping and climbing with his peers, is starting soccer and hockey, has gained weight and is a typical child because of the help and support he received from his therapists.
I am proud of him and urge parents to call early intervention if they notice major delays with their children. With stimulation and therapy, young children can make drastic improvements. Thank you to all who made this possible.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There are in school now!

So all three of my kids are in school. Alex had his first day on Monday. He loved it! His day is 2 1/2 hours and he has gym everyday, so I am sure it is his favorite part. John is going on a class trip with Alex's class to Turtle back zoo on May 30th. It is nice that he will get to chaperone for Alex's class. Dylan went back to school after his week off. he loves school and does terrific. mackenzie has 1 month of preschool left and then she will be offically in grade school Kindergarten next year. John is doing his demo lesson today to a group of 4th graders. I am so nervous for him. I am probably more nervous then he is so we will see what happens!! Hopefully I will have some good news to report soon