Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sensory Processing Disorder??

Well Alex was again evaluated by the people at early intervention. He has had feeding issues since birth, so we finally had an eval concerning is likes and dislikes. I always thought that his senses were a bit off, so finally an OT confirmed my suspicions all along, besides his other issues he has SPD. Which in the grand scheme of things is not that big of a deal.. so after a brief period of being upset, I am now over it. I actually do not think it has ever bothered him, excpet the fact that you can see each and every rib on his body, because he is so skinny. Alex also dislocated his other elbow yesterday, so we had a fun filled two hours at the ER. He is fine now.. they pop the elbow back in place and wallah! all better. I have been reading a great book- The brain the rewires itself. It is all about the brain and it neuroplastcity. I swear any parent with a child that has a neurological issue should read this. It is actually amazing to me,how many parents do not educate themselves on their children's issues. Do not get me wrong.. i am obsessed. I am thinking about specializing in neuroscience after obtaining my next degree. The brain is absolutly fascinating to me. It is amazing that due to the plasticity especially when young that different parts of the brain, pick up for other injured parts. It has amazing implications for children with speech disorder, Autism and especially CP. Well enough of my rant on that. I am going to AC tonight and cant wait! John and I need this night out alot! I have been running myself ragged for 4 weeks, without a night out and we are staying overnight at AC!! Thats it for now.. wish us luck

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