Friday, November 24, 2006


I love thanksgiving. It marks the beginning of the Holiday season. My kids get so excited looking at all of the lit up houses and christmas decorations, it is awesome. They can't wait until Santa comes and are excited at the prospect of any gift. They are at an age where the wrapping paper and the thought of a gift matters much more than the gift itself. I could buy them all toys from the dollar store and they would still be happy. That being said, I purchased Dylans Heelys today(60 bucks!) and I got mackenzie a disney princess cash register that teaches math! It retailed for 30 dollars and I got it for 12.00 the disney store was having a one day sale- it was great! So we do have a limit this year. 150 per child and nothing for each other( maybe 30 bucks max), but that is it. Christmas will still be great and we will all be happy, healthy, and together so that is all that matters. I am thankful for a lot this year, some of the few things that come to mind.... Alex's therapists, they have been wonderful and he is doing great. MY husband, for being such a great father. Alex now looks for him first at the gym pick up, and asks for daddy every morning. Yes I am jealous, but thats what happens when one parent is home and the other is working! Dylan.. for getting an outstanding report card. mackenzie for always making me laugh, she has something about her that I just can't put into words but she is truly.. one of a kind! My mom, for always answering the phone at 645 am. I am thankful for all that I have and more. I love the holiday season!

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